2017 Nutrisearch Annual Conference





  Hilton Hotel

Improve patient outcomes and build your practise with Organic Acids.

Nutrisearch invites you to be involved in this invigorating day of clinical education including:

  • Inspiring lectures, and
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Presentation of difficult case studies

We are delighted to have secured an internationally recognised integrative health researcher to spend a full day with our practitioner clients.

Hilton Hotel Princess Wharf, 147 Quay Street, Auckland

Saturday 17th June 2017





Dr. Daniel Kalish is dedicated to teaching doctors Functional Medicine philosophy and practices. Through The Kalish Institute’s educational programs he has trained over 1,000 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method, which solves patient challenges through a proven lab based approach. Recently, a research study published by two Mayo Clinic researchers confirmed the efficacy of the Kalish Method showing significant improvements in GI health and quality of life in the study participants.

Over the past twenty five years Daniel Kalish, D.C. has directed three integrative health clinics in California where he has coordinated teams of medical doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. He now maintains an active international consultation practice with patients around the world.

Dr. Kalish studied at the University of London and conducted research with biochemist Dr. Robin Monroe at Cambridge University. His studies led him to mentoring with renowned psychiatrist R.D. Lang, as well as John R. Lee, M.D. a pioneer in the use of progesterone and to teaching collaborations with leading endocrinologist Diana Schwarzbein.

He is the author of three books, “The Five Pillars to Building a Successful Practice,” “The Kalish Method: Healing the Body Mapping the Mind” and “Your Guide to Healthy Hormones” and is a frequently requested speaker for integrative medicine conferences across the United States and internationally.

It is rare to have such a high calibre researcher, clinician and educator in New Zealand to empower New Zealand Practitioners. Please book early with our friendly team to ensure you will benefit from this exceptional educational event.

Dr. Kalish will supply you with invaluable clinic maps of how to prescribe appropiate supplementation for most pathology test result scenarios.


Introduction to Clinical Applications of Organic Acids Testing

Organic acid testing is an unparalleled and invaluable tool in creating an individualized supplementation program by targeting the functioning of exact metabolic processes in the body. Fatigue, depression, weight gain, stress, digestive issues, toxicity – all can be assessed with this one single lab test. Dr. Kalish will break down the complexity of organic acid testing and talk about how he uses this test in his practice. This one test provides a wide range of clinical action steps that can complement any functional medicine program regardless of the patient’s specific symptoms.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the types of common patient conditions that respond well to organic acids based treatments such as fatigue, weight gain, depression and anxiety
  • Learn the wide array of problems that can be identified on the test including state of inflammation, catabolic physiology, insulin resistance and oxidative stress
  • Connect the test markers to identify potential long term ramifications for patients and how risk factors can be reduced using clinical nutrition protocols

Treating Mitochondria & Neurotransmitters using Organic Acids Testing

Join Dr. Kalish to learn how to begin the differential diagnosis process and assess the origins of fatigue, weight gain and depression in your patients based on organic acids testing. We will explore mitochondrial dysfunction that can lead to low energy problems along with neurotransmitter metabolite levels, which guide you to more clinically effective treatment options for brain problems. We will also review the science behind weight loss, insulin resistance problems and how organic acids testing can identify the metabolic imbalances that are blocking your patients from burning fat.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to differentiate between stress mediated and inflammatory mediated brain problems
  • Discover the inner workings of carbohydrate metabolism and what leads to insulin resistance
  • Learn how to assess fatigue based on mitochondrial energy production

Treating Methylation Defects & Liver Detoxification Pathways using Organic Acids Testing

Learn the truth about the prevalence of environmental toxins and how much they affect our patients lives by creating a myriad of health complaints. If their detoxification abilities are over taxed, destructive chemical compounds will build up in their bodies. We will also review the destruction of healthy tissue by oxidative stress and how to effectively eliminate free radicals. Join Dr. Kalish and learn more about how Methylation aids the body in removing toxins and the organic acid markers that signify your detox system is in trouble.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the critical role of phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways and how to improve them
  • Explore simple ways to measure Methylation and determine nutrient needs
  • Learn how to assess free radical damage and measure oxidative stress

Practice Models & Patient Process Development

Practitioners are often challenged in the face of managing complex patients and not knowing where to start. Assisting patients in achieving their health goals doesn’t happen in one visit, it happens over a specific program timeframe that often never comes to realization. Join Dr. Kalish for an in depth look at how to define your own clear clinical model, and discover how to develop a process for continued follow up, which you can use with all new patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the value of creating a clinical model that can be applied to complex patients
  • How to achieve patient needs within a reproducible patient process
  • Understand how the Patient Lifecycle Process works
  • Developing a step by step system to guide patient through intake to ongoing maintenance

Organic Acids Testing - Important to understand

After over 20 years of researching the accuracy and quality of lab testing facilities Dr. Kalish only recommends using Genova’s Organic Acids test panels. They are run on the only accurate, state of the art machines and their precision in generating reproducible results is unparalleled in the industry. Without precise and reliable lab results our clinical programs will be inconsistent at best. Genova’s machines were originally set up and designed by the founder of this entire field, my mentor and teacher, Dr. Richard Lord who developed the concept of testing organic acids and they are the only reliable system in place at this time. For full disclosure I do not receive any financial reward from using or recommending Genova labs, but I have based all my teaching around their platform purely because of the clinical results you will achieve using their technology.



Registration (15 mins)

Welcome and Introductions by Nutrisearch (15 mins)

Dr. Kalish - Introduction to Clinical Applications of Organic Acids Testing (1ó hrs)

Morning Tea (15 mins)

Dr. Kalish - Treating Mitochondria and Neurotransmitters using Organic Acids Testing (1. hrs)

12pm - 1pm
Lunch (1 hr)

Dr. Kalish - Treating Methylation Defects and Liver Detoxification Pathways using Organic Acids Testing (1ó hrs)

Afternoon Tea (15 mins)

Dr. Kalish - Practice Models and Patient Process Development (1. hrs)

Close of Day. Networking cocktail hour for those who wish to stay.

Conference fee includes - morning and afternoon teas and a delicious buffet lunch.

Your certificate of attendance will be provided on the day including appropriate CPE hours.

Please note – we request no digital/video taping or voice recording of the day’s presentation. A full set of notes from each speaker will be provided.


Venue: Hilton Hotel Princess Wharf, 147 Quay Street, Auckland

Date: Saturday 17th June 2017

Time: 8.30am


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