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Recent Work

Nutrisearch, Nutrition and Research

We invite the best natural health brands, researchers and educators, to support New Zealand and Australian practitioners to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Our commitment is to practitioners and patients via:

               Research  - Innovation  - Education - Delivery

Nutrisearch's ongoing core focus is to provide clinically effective, scientifically researched protocols, supported by natural health products formulated to the highest quality.

Learn more about Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, at New Zealand's most comprehensive website adrenalfatigue.co.nz

Nutrisearch protocols are utilised by 500 practitioners in New Zealand and 250 practitoners in Australia, these practitioners include: Integrative Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Nutritional Experts, Herbalists, Integrative Cardiologists, Integrative Dentists, Kinesiologists and more.

If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

If you are a patient and would like to access these products and services please click here to request your nearest practitioner

Our People

Adam Ryan - Managing Director                   
Co Founder

Adam Ryan is a career entrepreneur, having established and managed enterprises in finance, tourism and primary industry. Commercial operational experience in locations including China, London, Dubai, Japan & Vanuatu Adam retains a global outlook to his business & social focus. He has experienced firsthand the advantages of integrative medicine. Because of this personal experience, he decided to apply his business skills and enthusiasm for building great enterprises to the functional medicine industry.  He is passionate about supporting practitioners in helping their clients towards better health, providing excellent product and educational support to practitioners, and maintaining close relationships with Nutrisearch suppliers.

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Emily Shaw - Operations Manager

BSR, PGDip Science (Cardiac Rehab)

After a successful career in sports science and cardiac rehabilitation, Emily now oversees the daily operations and educational events of Nutrisearch to ensure smooth running processes.

Her combined business, scientific and academic background enables Emily to assist practitioners on multiple levels to guarantee customer needs are met.

Emily is an integral part of organising Nutrisearch's educational services we provide to our practitioner clients and is heavily involved with the companies communications and marketing, along with staffing requirements and stock & logistics management.


Joeanna Magill - Technical Manager
Hons Dip Herbal Medicine, BHSc (Complimentary Med)

Joeanna has a vast knowledge of integrative and functional medicine along with her own clinical experience treating patients.  Her interest in Natural Medicine stemmed from childhood teachings on identification and collection of medicinal plants and lead Joeanna to study Naturopathy at Lotus Holistic Centre and complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Health.

Joeanna provides support to our practitioners via phone, email, skype and clinic visits along with peer group review sessions.  Her experience in functional testing is a great resource for practitioners to utilise.


Megan Tucker - Accounts Manager
Dip. Office Systems (Accounting)

With an extensive background in accounting and office management, Megan looks after practitioner accounts, debtors and creditors. Her eye for detail is essential when it comes to reconciling any queries with accounts or stock items. As a mum to two young children, Megan is naturally interested in nutrition and integrative health and appreciates the relationship she has established with many practitioners.


Theresa Bruce -  Technical Sales & Marketing Manager
BHSc Nutrition, BCom

Theresa has a Bachelor of Science and Commerce from Otago University, majoring in Human Nutrition and Management. Throughout her life, she has maintained an interest in Integrative Medicine and views nutrition as the basis of good health and well-being. Theresa has a natural passion for integrative & functional medicine and enjoys interacting with healthcare professionals.

Theresa’s knowledge and experience along with her bubbly and positive nature will be a valuable asset to your clinic, your clients, and your business.


Adri Ferreira - Auckland & Northland - Technical Sales Manager
BA Comp Med, MSc Nutrition, ND

Adri is a Naturopath and a Nutritionist who is absolutely passionate about Health. Her love and quest for personal results have inspired her path over many years and thoroughly equipped Adri to educate, support and encourage practitioners in getting the desired results.

Adri holds a Bachelor Degree in Complementary Medicine South Africa, a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition (USA), a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition (USA), and a Doctor of Naturopathy (USA).

Adri has had a very exciting career to date in the Integrative Medicine field throughout many different countries and working with some of the most respected MDs and NDs in the industry. From establishing her own successful clinic in South Africa to working in some of the most prestigious Integrative Medicine spas in America she has had varied experience.

With her experience, enthusiasm and genuine character, Adri is an absolute asset to our team. Adri is available to provide support to practitioners via clinic visits, Skype, phone, and email.

Robert Oscroft -  Lower North Island / Wellington & South Island - Technical Sales Manager  - 

BSc (Zoology/Biochemistry) MSc (Biomedical Engineering) Heilpraktiker (German/Danish Naturopathy)

Robert has been involved in Natural Medicines for over 20 years.
After studying Naturopathy in Denmark and Germany, he has worked in his own clinical practice, as well as teaching and translating for the Danish Heilpraktiker school. He developed an interest in promoting Natural Medicines - representing Danish and other European brands as well as sourcing and importing biomedical devices. After completing his Master's degree, he worked in Danish hospitals helping to introduce Health IT systems, doing needs analysis as well as training and supporting clinicians. Robert has over 4 years of experience in the Australasian Natural Medicines industry and enjoys combining his local and international knowledge to support a wide variety of practitioners in their work. 


Leigh Julius - Customer Services Manager

Leigh has extensive experience in health administration and customer service. Her previous roles have primarily been in the health sector, from training as a school dental therapist and working in schools. Leigh brings 15 years of customer service and administration experience from a private radiology practice in Wellington. Leigh is people focused with a personal interest in natural health; she is committed to developing strong and positive relationships with practitioners and their patients.



Debbie Stiver - Practitioner Support / Technical Support 

Debbie has a passion for natural and integrated health approaches to support an individual's general wellbeing. Debbie believes the best way to achieve good health is first and foremost through a healthy balanced diet, moderate exercise, supported by quality supplementation. ''There is no one single approach to natural health and I understand the importance of helping and supporting our various practitioners to find the most suitable nutritional product or pathology test to best meet the needs of their patient''. Debbie is deeply involved with attending Nutrisearch's various training and educational events and utilises this knowledge to help our practitioners on a daily basis. Debbie has been with Nutrisearch for over 5 years and provides a high degree of support to our clients.


Sapphire McGill - Customer Support / Client Services

Sapphire is fresh to us in November 2018. She has spent the last eight years working In Account Administration and Project Management for an electrical company as well as studying towards her diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling. She is a certified Professional Life Coach with her own client base and has a passion for holistic wellbeing. It only seemed a natural progression with the nature of integrative medicine! She thoroughly enjoys and thrives on nurturing relationships with our clients as well as the constant learning of all the amazing products we offer.  She has two adventurous and spritely young boys. She loves the outdoors, especially when it involves fast and windy roads on her beautiful Dyna Low Rider S! She is an active member of the Hawke’s Bay Land Search and Rescue and spends a lot of time on the weekends with her boys around the motor cross track, the beach, or tramping.


Karen Macmillian - Office Administration Support / Inwards Stock Managment / Pathology Kit Manager / Workflow Support

Karen comes to us with administration and customer service experience.  She loves being part of such an exciting progressive industry and is looking after our inwards goods department and assisting with administration functions.  Karen also manages our “Find a Practitioner” service and sets up our new account holders. Karen has travelled extensively.  She returned to Hawkes Bay to marry a farmer and is the proud mother of two teenagers. Karen is a keen advocate of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Programme as she has personally had great success with this in the past.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cris Frenette - Integrative Pathology Operations Manager

Cris has been with Nutrisearch since 2014. Cris has progressed through several different operational roles within Nutrisearch, and now manages the Integrative Testing Department for the company. Cris ensures that all test specimens are properly received, recorded, processed, and sent on to their appropriate laboratories for final testing and reporting. Cris then ensures that all of the results are distributed carefully and accurately to the appropriate practitioner. Cris also assists the rest of the customer services team to provide our practitioners with the level of customer service Nutrisearch is known for.


Julie Blasoni - Product Dispatch Manager

Julie has extensive experience in administrative and customer services roles with a life-long passion for good health through correct nutrition choices. She joined the team as Product and Dispatch Manager bringing her organisational and operations skills and attention to detail to this vital role. 

Julie also contributes to stock control and general operational work flow management.



Our Company

The Beginning

Nutrisearch was created in 2006 from a vision shared by the founders to provide innovative and high quality practitioner only products & services, supporting practitioners with effective products and protocols which in turn create reliable and measurable results for their clients.

As demand has grown from an ever-widening base of clinicians, (500 active clients in New Zealand and 250 active clients in Australia including Naturopaths, Integrative Doctors, Integrative Dentists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and all integrative health care professionals) Nutrisearch has now expanded our service to provide Integrative Pathology testing along with world class Educational and Technical support services.

Building on the Foundation

Although innovation and growth are important to us, we also have our core values firmly rooted in those fundamental bastions that are essential to us all - family, friends and good health.

We believe that our reputation for delivering superb customer service is the result of the supportive, fun and rewarding environment that we encourage - where individual excellence and initiative are nurtured and rewarded.

Looking To The Future

At the heart of Nutrisearch is our biggest competitive advantage ''our staff'' our team is made up of fourteen dedicated individuals who bring many years of varied experience to our business and each individual has a passion for Integrative Health. Our success and on going development is due to the commitment these individuals provide our customers, our customers clients and our suppliers and educators.

Nutrisearch’s approach is unique amongst companies that provide services to integrative healthcare practitioners, our focus is firmly on our clients needs .

We strive to gain a full understanding of practitioners and patients challenges and deliver appropriate solutions.

As advancements in integrative health progress at lightening speeds, Nutrisearch will continue to form strategic partnerships with global innovators to ensure we are always providing the latest protocols and education to our 500 New Zealand, and 250 Australian based integrative healthcare professionals and their patients that we support on a daily basis.

If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

If you are a patient and would like to access these products and services please click here to request your nearest practitioner

Brand Representation

Nutrisearch has developed an excellent track record of establishing both local and international brands in the Australasian nutraceutical market.

Utilising our established sales and distribution channels, we can offer international brand owners very efficient and economical access to the highest quality practitioner clients both in New Zealand and Australia. 

We work tirelessly to promote and establish your brand in a competitive market place providing sustainable sales growth.

We build strong and trusted relationships with practitioners throughout New Zealand and Australia by consistantly delivering exceptional, products, protocols, and seminars that provide clinically effective patient outcomes. 

We can asist brand owners in some of the the following areas:

  • Dietary supplement regulations in New Zealand and Australia
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales channels
  • Distribution resources
  • Technical support
  • Qualified sales representatives

Nutrisearch only represents brands which meet the highest predetermined levels of quality. 

If you are interested in talking to us about representing your brand please contact our Managing Director, Adam Ryan directly at:




Real Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough for showing me the Adrenal Fatigue book. I'm really looking forward to starting on the adrenal fatigue program, can’t wait."  - Kaye