Biocidin Botanicals Formulations

Established in 1989, Biocidin Botanicals represents one of the most powerful microbiome-balancing formulations in the natural health sector. Using the synergy of botanicals and essential oils these powerful formulations are used worldwide by integrative and natural health professionals to address dysbiosis and tough microbial challenges.

Unique, Clinically Effective, Evidence-based

Biocidin Botanicals offers powerful natural solutions that address today’s complex needs with simplicity.

The microbiome-balancing formulations are still centred on our flagship formulation Biocidin® developed over 30 years ago.  This powerful formulation contains a proprietary blend of 14 different herbs and 4 essential oils. The qualities of each botanical ingredient are both diverse and complementary. When combined, the result is a layering effect with healing activity far greater than the sum of the parts.

Biocidin® has stood the test of time and scientific scrutiny. Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories) called it one of the most potent formulations they’ve ever analysed. Published and ongoing research confirms its efficacy. Year after year.

Clear Away Obstacles

Biocidin Botanicals offer 3 formulations to address unwanted organisms and entrenched biofilms; Biocidin® Liquid, Biocidin® Capsules and Biocidin® LSF. This first vital step clears away irritants, unwanted microbes and biofilms – allowing the body’s innate restorative ability to go to work.

Intercept and Eliminate Toxins

Second to Biocidin, GI Detox+ is our most popular formula comprised of zeolite, charcoal and targeted herbs. Working to make toxin removal safe, GI Detox+ pulls out debris, intercepts and eliminates unwanted toxins and microbial by-products. Detoxification done right.

Bring Balance and Healing

Proflora™4R combines 3 different spore-based probiotics (Bacillus subtilis HU58™, B. coagulans SC208 and B. clausii SC109) with botanicals to cultivate microbial diversity, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and sustained well-being.

Biotonic™ is designed to augment the activity of Biocidin®. Its inspiration comes from two of the most commonly used herbal formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Biotonic’s unique botanical combination – 13 herbs in all – helps tonify digestion, promote a healthy inflammatory response and support liver function while strengthening microbial balance. An excellent daily elixir that can be added to beverages.

Optimise Resilience

In the face of novel microbes, or if the body is weakened, we need to call in the troops. Humans have relied on plants for eons to balance and reinforce immune activity. To rouse the body’s vital force. To prime the immune pump for viral and microbial opposition.

Olivirex® and Biocidin® Throat Spray help bolster the body’s defenses to co-create optimal resilience

Serious Science Behind Every Smile

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. That’s why Biocidin Botanicals created one-of-a-kind oral health care products; Dentalcidin® Toothpaste and Dentalcidin® LS Liposomal Rinse – products with a systemic reach and demonstrated activity that clear away unwanted oral microbes and plaque (biofilms).

Looking After You and the Environment

Using wisdom and collaboration Biocidin Botanicals embraces sustainable and regenerative efforts to benefit humankind and the planet.

Our Current Efforts Include:

  • Spreading health and happiness through philanthropic efforts
  • Expanding opportunities for practitioners to learn and collaborate
  • Choosing vendors who share our ethos for caring for people and planet
  • Collaborating with scientific advisory partners
  • Aligning with botanical research associations
  • Transitioning packaging materials to recyclable and biodegradable options
  • Prioritizing printing on recycled materials
  • Changing toothpaste packaging to 100% recyclable HDPE plastic.


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