Cell Logic

As a science-based organisation, Cell-Logic is focused on producing innovative evidence-based nutraceutical and functional food formulations with potent nutrigenomic activity, comprehensively supported by high-quality professional education.

Given that human cells are critically reliant for their function on the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, it is logical to conclude that human health is highly dependent on the chemical substances to which we are exposed on a day-to-day basis. Fundamental to good health is an appropriate diet, superimposed on other lifestyle factors.

When Nutritional Medicine meets 21st Century Science

As the sciences of both Nutrition and Cell Biology have evolved over recent decades, it has become apparent that certain intervention strategies of the past are being rapidly superseded. With a clearer understanding of just how human cells achieve and maintain homeostasis, we now know that some of the most popular dietary supplements block the essential signals that human cells depend on for their normal function.

Enter the Science of Nutrigenomics

Much of this newer therapeutic approach is directly due to clinical application of the relatively new science of Nutrigenomics, a field in which Cell-Logic is acknowledged as a global leader.

Formulations based on Nutrigenomic Science

Cell-Logic has broadened the application of Nutrigenomics by translating the complexities of the science into clinically-relevant concepts, formulations and therapeutic strategies, tailored to the needs of the practising clinician.

In so doing, our approach is to target the core upstream cellular processes as a means of addressing the primary causes of disease, allowing Nature to take care of the intricacies associated with the downstream pathways.

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