Want to take your patients sleep to the next level?

The CleverSleep® range of ‘Practitioner Only’ sleep and wellness supplements has been developed over the last three years by a team of professional health practitioners to help fellow practitioners ‘unlock their patients' true healing potential’ and optimise wellbeing. 

Our sophisticated sleep and wellness products work to remove common, modern-day health disruptors, naturally nurturing patient’s physical and mental health to restore balance, positively enhance wellbeing, and support more deep, restorative sleep, which is essential for healing and achieving health goals.

MAX Sleep, Ultimate MAG, Liquid MAG and Neuro Health PLUS are scientifically formulated for optimal results, supported by highly relevant practice resources and a professional support team.

MAX Sleep: is a high strength, therapeutic blend of herbal medicines, homeopathics and flower essences formulated for people who face a variety of sleeping challenges and need to improve their sleep.

MAX Sleep has been formulated to support patients who struggle to get to sleep, wake frequently during the night, or feel restless or worried before bed or throughout the night.

Ultimate MAG is a superior multi-magnesium supplement containing five of the highest quality and clinically studied forms of magnesium, made even more effective by the inclusion of two digestive activators in the form of ginger and acacia gum which support biofilm and gut lumen health and maximise magnesium absorption.

Ultimate MAG is formulated to support patient’s with insomnia, muscle aches and pains, restless legs, stress, fatigue, ringing in their ears, headaches and migraines.

Liquid MAG is a highly absorbable form of liquid magnesium chloride, formulated to get magnesium levels up fast in those patients that need relief NOW. The flexible dosing of the liquid form is super convenient for those older or younger patients who struggle to take capsules.

Liquid MAG is formulated to support patients who feel stressed, struggling to sleep, experiencing muscle twitching, aches and pains, headaches or migraines, maybe experiencing other common magnesium deficiency signs such as ringing in their ears.

Neuro Health PLUS is a therapeutic strength, research based supplement that nourishes the brain and neurons, unlocking the brains true potential day and night. When taken during the day Neuro Health PLUS offers support for nervous system health, overall stamina, focus, concentration, decision making, memory and learning. It further supports brain health by leveraging the power of deep, restorative sleep, proven to facilitate many of these important neurological and cognitive processes.

Neuro Health PLUS is recommended for anyone that wishes to support their neuronal health or brains performance.

CleverSleep® creates innovative and effective sleep and wellness products that positively transform lives for people all over the globe. 


At CleverSleep® we are driven by 5 core principles that create the pillars of success for all that we do:

  • Positive patient outcomes
  • Product efficacy
  • Practice centric processes
  • Innovation
  • Compassion


Scientific and Clinical Research  Raw material testing for quality assurance and consistency of product.



Highest quality ingredients and raw materials sourced from the world over. Third party independent finished product analysis and testing for every batch prior to release.


If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

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