Designs For Sport

Why NSF Certified for Sport®?

Our affiliation and partnership with NSF is something we take great pride in

We align ourselves with NSF as a testament to our commitment towards industry safety standards. Determined to become the leading supplement and education resource in the performance nutrition category, our alliance with NSF further reinforces our commitment to product excellence.

Our Mission

Help high-performance athletes achieve their athletic best by providing top quality products. At DFS, we are committed to developing the science-first sport supplement category by delivering high-quality nutritional supplements specifically tailored to trainers and practitioners supporting athletes. We strive to enhance our partnerships by educating athletic trainers and coaches, while delivering leading tools for athletic practice and development.

Our Philosophy 

Our Science-first foundation is demonstrated by our commitment to promote research-driven products, synergistic formulas, and clinically relevant quantities of therapeutic ingredients. We work tirelessly to evolve our ingredients and remain at the forefront of sport health and science.

Our Team

DFS is a division of Designs for Health which was founded in 1989 by a local team of nutritionists. Despite building trusting relationships with their customers by providing them with top-quality products, Designs for Health recognized a gap in the market that presented an opportunity to further cultivate the client relationship through better education, better products, and a better user experience. That drive and commitment to perpetual improvement has allowed us to blitz the premium athletic supplement category and take it by storm.

Our Position

Being exclusively trainer-focused, we have created our trainer-only product line dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to athletic coaches, trainers, and influencers with an unmatched sports supplement.

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