Institute for Nutrigenomics Medicine

Our Mission

The Institute for Nutrigenomic Medicine was founded in response to an urgent need for graduate education programmes on the practical application of the principles of Nutrigenomics within a clinical environment.

The Institute’s programmes focus on the most essential elements of what is otherwise a complex sub-specialty of Nutrition Science, simplified by utilising a streamlined approach to learning.

Our Vision

A large body of epidemiological evidence endorses the value of food in human health, especially in the context of whole, unprocessed foods consumed within a diverse diet, balanced for macronutrients and rich in micronutrients, phytochemicals and accessory nutrients.

Nutrigenomic Medicine aims to provide educational programmes that focus on the mechanisms by which specific nutrigenomically-active food molecules contribute to cellular homeostasis.

When the function of individual cell types is optimised, tissues, organs and systems are likely to respond similarly. Nutrigenomic Medicine highlights the transcription factors and related signalling pathways that can be beneficially harnessed for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Our vision looks to a future where clinicians have adopted the principles of Nutrigenomics as the foundation for their clinical prescriptions.


Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine, a novel format presenting the key principles that underpin the foundations of this emerging science, systematically taking the practice of Clinical Nutrition to a new level. Although there are many available options for learning about Nutrigenetics, there are few opportunities for clinicians to gain a deeper understanding of its companion science, Nutrigenomics.

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