“A smart range of nutritional and herbal supplements designed to meet specific bio-individual and metabolic needs.”


Practitioner Dispensing Only
This exceptional line of practitioner only supplements is at the forefront of nutritional medicine. It’s been designed for the practitioner to address the specific and individual needs of patients.

Comprehensive Range
The range offers an extensive selection of multi-nutrient, vitamin, mineral, endocrine and digestive aids for professional recommendation supporting good health, vitality and wellbeing at an economical price.

Premium Quality
We source the highest quality raw material inputs with the least amount of potentially allergenic ingredients. Our formulations are all vegan friendly and contain minimum excipients (chosen from naturally derived sources).

Synergistic Smart Formulas
InterClinical Professional’s smart synergistic formulas are premium grade, bioactive, bioavailable using high quality ingredients providing gentle effective absorption with flexible dosing options.

Highest Manufacturing Standards
All products are manufactured in Australia according to Australian GMP and TGA regulatory guidelines. Our products are made to pharmaceutical standards.

Collaboration with Experts
The range is the result of a close collaboration with Dr David L Watts, Director of Research for Trace Elements Inc. with with over 40 years of clinical experience in the field of nutrition, and a team of Australian experts, incorporating scientists, researchers, medical experts and practitioners.

Australian Owned & Made
InterClinical Professional is a 100% Australian owned company established in 1996. All of our products are manufactured in Australia and available to and through health care professionals globally.

If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

If you are a patient and would like to access these products and services please click here to request your nearest practitioner