Mega Resveratrol


Research clinics, universities, and pharmacies worldwide choose our products for one reason: unmatched quality. Our products are manufactured in the USA, and contain no excipients, fillers, binders, additives, or preservatives . And every batch is tested by a 3rd-party lab for purity.

When it comes to resveratrol, the name of the game is trans-resveratrol, the compound that provides the health benefits. Our supplements contain only trans-resveratrol and nothing else. Both trans-resveratrol and CIS-resveratrol are found naturally in grapes, Japanese knotweed, and other plants; however, only trans-resveratrol offers health benefits. Thus, resveratrol supplements high in the CIS form offer no health benefits. Through the process of purification, trans-resveratrol is extracted and isolated from other benign plant matter. Why is this important? Besides being less potent, the inclusion of “inactive ingredients” such as cis-resveratrol and emodin, can increase the risk of adverse side effects and allergic reactions. Because of the purity of our product and our quality standards, Mega Resveratrol has been used by over 300 universities and research institutes around the globe. (Links to published studies using Mega Resveratrol products are posted on our website).

At Mega Resveratrol, we believe in the quality and sustainability of our products. Our supplements are sourced directly from Japanese knotweed and contain 99-100% pure trans-resveratrol – the highest possible potency on the market. Unlike grapes, knotweed grows in the wild and has higher native concentrations of trans-resveratrol. It can be grown without the use of pesticides and stored at room temperature, while grapes must be kept refrigerated to preserve freshness, which degrades potency and increase the product price.

At Mega Resveratrol, we care about the quality and integrity of our products. We know that the trust you place in us is our most valuable asset. To ensure our products contain exactly what is listed on the label, we voluntarily have every batch tested and certified by independent, third-party laboratories in the United States. All of our certification documents, from our founding year to the present can be found here. Most dietary supplements contain “inactive ingredients” – fillers, binders, and preservatives that at best, offer no health benefits, and at worst, are unsafe for consumption. All of our resveratrol products are 99% pure and sealed in vegetarian capsules with absolutely no harmful additives (e.g., stearate acid, silica dioxide, etc.).

“Micronization” is the process by which a material substance is reduced to very fine particles for the purpose of human consumption. Some dietary supplements are water-soluble and more readily absorbed by the body, but resveratrol depends on the process of chemical micronization to increase its absorption rate and bioavailability. Mega Resveratrol’s average particle size is less than 2 µm (<0.002 mm), compared to the 170-220 µm (0.17-0.22 mm) of standard resveratrol. Clinical studies have shown that micronized particles increase the absorption rate by up to 1000%.

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