We want to change the world for the better - one cell at a time

At MitoQ we strive to make a global impact by empowering every body to take charge of their cellular health.

We created a pioneering cell health technology that is backed by decades of global scientific research.

When you look after your cells you can give more to life and that positive effect radiates outwards.

Like everything great in life, it starts small.

Our story began with a single molecule

In the late 1990s our founding scientists Professors Mike Murphy and Robin Smith set out to solve a major issue affecting human health.

Their theory? That a targeted antioxidant molecule could overcome this issue at the very place where it happens, deep inside cells.

Many people thought this was simply impossible. But Professors Murphy and Smith believed that antioxidants could be far more effective - and harnessed New Zealand’s famous ‘can-do attitude’ to get the job done.

We continue to invest in and encourage world-class scientific research

Over $60 million in independent scientific research has been conducted on MitoQ in diverse aspects of human health including cardiovascular, neurological, immune and metabolic systems.

We foster only open and independent science, so all MitoQ donated to research studies is provided free and with absolutely no strings attached.

Our product development team continues to explore new areas of cellular health to bring even more energy, resilience and vitality to your cells.

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