NutriPATH specialises in tests that are designed to assist general practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors and other complementary healthcare practitioners in identifying the underlying cause of illness, as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease and premature ageing.

With more than 100 tests available, NutriPATH offers more tests than any other integrative medical laboratory.

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Assessments investigate endocrine, gastrointestinal, immunological, metabolic and nutritional balance.

NutriPATH offers technical assistance from their experienced consultants who are available to discuss test selection, interpretation and treatment considerations. In addition, NutriPATH provide helpful interpretative guidelines and treatment suggestions on their test reports. NutriPATH also provides training seminars to practitioners on a routine basis throughout Australia.

Our test panels are constantly updated to meet the needs of the practitioners.

We differentiate ourselves from pathology services available in that we:

  • Tailor test panels to suit your area of specialility e.g. obesity, skin care
  • Constantly update our tests with new innovative analytes
  • Provide test panels that were measured with a variety of samples e.g. saliva, urine, hair or serum
  • Provide ongoing training and clinical support

To simplify the logistics of transport of Test Kits and referral of specimens from New Zealand and Australia, we have adopted the following simple options:

  • Practitioners can issue test kits and request slips to the patient from their clinic.
  • Practitioners can order test kits, stock them in their clinic and issue them to patients as needed. Test kits can be ordered by contacting NutriPATH Customer Service on 1300 688 522.
  • NutriPATH will dispatch Test Kit(s) requested, free of charge, the next working business day.
  • Once the test kit has been issued by the practitioner, the patient collects the sample(s) and pays NutriPATH directly by filling out the credit card details on the request slip or by sending a cheque, credit card details or money order with the samples. The sample is returned to NutriPATH through the mail using the pre-paid express envelope provided inside the Test Kit.
  • Specimens are processed upon arrival at NutriPATH and results are forwarded to the referring practitioner via post, fax or through computer downloads.

The clinical and scientific staff of NutriPATH have had many years of experience, technical know-how and are proactively involved in providing a wide array of services in pathology testing and training. Our clinical team present workshops, training and seminars to a broad spectrum of health professionals nationally.

If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

If you are a patient and would like to access these products and services please click here to request your nearest practitioner

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