NZ Scientific

We formulate for success

New Zealand Scientific is proud to offer unique formulations of ingredients that are combined to support the best results. We work with global suppliers to understand the scientific research that can support the best benefits. Then we combine the ingredients and offer you the chance to subscribe and enjoy them every day at a great price.

Live the life you choose.

Do you live life without compromise? Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, sometimes your body needs a helping hand to make sure you can achieve everything you set out to do.

New Zealand Scientific products have been thoroughly researched and designed to support today’s busy lifestyle. If your hectic schedule is taking its toll, our supplements may provide the back up that your body needs.

About us

It starts with science
We know that when you’re choosing a product, you’re searching for a result.

All of our products are born from scientific research that demonstrates the effectiveness of an active compound or ingredient. Once we know what results we can expect, we begin the process of developing a product that you can rely on.

The right ingredient

Our aim is to deliver effective products that you’ll come back to again and again.

We don’t cut corners. When you choose a product from New Zealand Scientific you know that what it says on the label is the ingredient that’s active in the bottle.

We source ingredients that are fresh and active. Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality ingredients so you enjoy the best product we can deliver.

If you are a practitioner and would like to access these unique products and services please contact our friendly customer service team or alternatively on Freephone NZ 0800 88 44 33 or AUS 1800 177 959.

If you are a patient and would like to access these products and services please click here to request your nearest practitioner