The gateway connecting Gut-Immunity and Chronic Disease

Half-day seminar

"The clinical implementation is simple; the underlying principles are complex."

This half-day seminar (four hours) explores a ground-breaking new approach - different from any gut health protocol you have ever seen before.

  • An absolute must for any practitioner who sees dysregulated inflammation, immune-compromised and/or metabolic disease patients with underlying gut issues.
  • Carefully consider Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation equally for your acute and chronic disease patients.
  • Learn how the G.E.M.M. Protocol focuses on restoring gut and distal organ homeostasis using principles that mimic nature.



Full day - Clinical MasterClass with Dr. Daniel Kalish

30th March 2019

Nutrisearch invites you to be involved in a “not to be missed” highly interactive day.

Subjects will include:

  • Understanding Amino Acids
  • Understanding Fatty Acids Testing
  • Female hormones
  • Perimenopause
  • Infertility
  • PMS
  • Genova ION Test - interpretation, prescribing, clinical
  • applications (when to use with difficult patients)
  • Month long female hormone panels, how to interpret
  • Adrenals
  • Interpreting salivary adrenal labs OR interpreting the DUTCH test for adrenals
  • Stool testing
  • Parasites, yeast and dysbiotic bacteria lab analysis and treatments
  • h. pylori and stress, how to correct upper GI issues


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