Mental Health + Detox - Dr. Kalish - Live 2-part Webinar series

Two-Part Live Webinar Practitioner Education Series

"Mental Health" & "Detox"

Supported by Organic Acids Pathology & Effective Nutritional Treatment Plans

Webinar One

"ION Profile for Mental Health"

Fri 13th November, 10.00am-11.15am (NZST)

Live with Dr. Dan Kalish 
Education / Case Studies / Live Q and A



Webinar 1: ION Profile / Organic Acids / Mental Health + Treatment Plans

Join Dr. Kalish for a practical, hands-on workshop exploring labs and cases from his practice, so you can gain confidence and understanding on these key lab tests.

  • Organic Acids (Fatty Acids & Carbohydrate Metabolism, Energy Production, B Vitamins, Methylation Co-factors, Neurotransmitters, Detoxification, Bacteria, Yeast, Clostridia)
  • Amino Acids
  • Fatty Acids
  • Nutrient (K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Se) & Toxic Elements (Al, As, Cd, Pb, Hg)
  • CoQ10 + Vitamins (a-tocopherol, g-tocopherol, Vit A, B-carotene)
  • Lipid Peroxides
  • DNA/Oxidative Stress (80Hdg)
  • Vit D-25 OH, Vit D3 & Vit D2
  • Homocysteine

What you will learn:

  • How to review the ION Profile and apply the results from this complex test in clinic focusing on anxiety, depression, brain fog, and fatigue.
  • Three primary reasons for brain-related issues, nutrient deficiencies, damaged neurons and genetic defects, any of which disrupt our normal sense of happiness and calm, which we replace with obsessive thoughts, fears, difficulty sleeping and memory issues.
  • A thorough evaluation of amino acid levels, fatty acids and key organic acids markers allowing you to distinguish neuroinflammatory conditions from stress-related conditions.
  • An understanding of the consequences when the key nutritional building blocks of the brain are not present in adequate amounts, or when there are genetic issues which interfere with normal neurotransmission.
  • Differentiate between neuroinflammatory and stress-related problems with dopamine and serotonin
  • Understand which nutrients are essential for restoring normal neurotransmitter levels
  • Discover the role of essential fatty acids in brain health and how to measure and treat problems in that area
  • Review the key metabolites and amino acids measured on ION Panel and the Organix acids panel to reflect brain health.

Webinar Two

"ION Profile for Detox"

Fri 20th November, 10.00am-11.15am (NZST)

Live with Dr. Dan Kalish 
Education / Case Studies / Live Q and A


Webinar 2: ION Profile / Organic Acids / Detox + Treatment Plans

Join Dr. Kalish for an in-depth discussion on some commonly overlooked issues related to detoxification. Dr Kalish will review actual patient cases to illustrate how to design programs that are clinically effective and also realistic for patients to actually complete.

What you will learn:

  • How to read the lab work and design clinically impactful programs to clear toxins
  • How to determine heavy metal and chemical toxicity issues as they appear on the ION Profile/Organic acids test.
  • How to master the interpretation of lab results related to ammonia toxicity, a common but typically overlooked detox issue, by analysing amino acid and organic acid markers.
  • The key role glutathione plays in heavy metal detox and how to gauge the best treatment options and dosage ranges to eliminate toxic metals without making people feel unwell.
  • How to differentiate Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detox problems and what nutrients are key to restoring pathways
  • Become extremely specific in your recommendations by basing your patient programs on the ION Profile and Organix Acids Profile test results.

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