Interactive Live Webinar - Case Studies: Menopause & more

DUTCH Webinar #3 with Dr Carrie Jones

Date: Wednesday, 28th October

Time: 1.00pm- 2.30pm (NZT)


  • DUTCH testing when and how for your menopausal/hormonal clients
  • How to interpret important information such as estrogen metabolism and methylation, androgen metabolism, organic acids, and the impact they may have on a patient's symptoms
  • Valuable insights into HPA-axis dysfunction and symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, inflammation
  • Natural Treatments & Protocols for you to use straight away in clinic
  • 15mins Q&A



After the success of our Webinar Series in July, Dr. Carrie Jones is back to present some more case studies from our very own Nutirsearch practitioners. The DUTCH test is an invaluable tool for your clinic, to really gain an insight into what is happening with your hormonal clients.

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