NEW! Industry Leading Online Digital Technical Catalogue, e-Scripts, and Education.

Nutriscript Online Practitioner Ordering is here!

  • Digital Technical, Practitioner Only Catalogue (over 1100 datasheets)
  • Practitioner Education Hub
  • Online Wholesale Ordering & Send Direct to Patient Orders
  • Build a Script, Add Dose Instructions and other Patient Lifestyle Suggestions, then Send the Script Directly to Patients for Online Payment & Product Fulfillment by Nutrisearch (Never Touch a Physical Product)
Mobile Phone  +  Tablet  +  PC Friendly

One Place. One Platform!

Easy Access to:

  • 1100 + product data sheets
  • 100's of Ingredient research papers
  • Individual product educational videos
  • 1100 + product labels
  • 1100 + nutritional product panels
  • 1100 + ''Quick View'' supplement facts boxes on the run!
  • Over 300 pathology tests variants
  • Over 200 pathology sample reports
  • Pathology specimen collection video's emailable to the patient to support accurate sample collections

Intuitive Search Feature:

  • Nutriscript includes an Industry-leading search feature
  • Search by brand
  • Search by health category
  • Search by ingredient
  • Search by type, including product, educational, pathology, protocols, special offers, or ANY combination of...

Protocol Feature:

  • Create and name customisable health protocols for practitioner frequently prescribed groups of products
  • Send these protocols to ''Quick Cart'' to build lightning-fast wholesale orders, send to patient, or Scripts

Favourites Feature:

  • Create and name lists with editable titles for frequently prescribed products including customisable favourites.
  • Send these product list to ''Quick Cart'' to build lightning-fast wholesale orders, send to patient, or Scripts

''Quick Cart'' Feature:

  • Unique to Nutriscript is our ''Quick Cart'' function where all our orders are assembled & edited
  • Backordered stock will show clearly in ''Quick Cart'' choose item numbers for in-stock items, and then also add stock numbers for a backorder (i.e mix of in-stock and out of stock (backorder) on the same item in the same order)

Dashboard Feature:

  • View, edit, name, and manage all your favourite product lists..
  • View edit, & name and manage all your templates..(custom protocols) 
  • Review all orders and utilise the powerful search menu to review different order types and patient history, by name, by product, by date range, by ingredient or any combination of...
  • Review all Scripts and utilise the powerful search menu to review different Scripts and patient history, by name, by product, by date range, by ingredient, by Script #, by order # or any combination of…

Address Features:

  • Send wholesale orders to your clinic
  • Send a wholesale order to your alternative address i.e batch, hotel room, etc
  • Send an order directly to your client but charge your wholesale account

e-Script Feature:

  • Send a script with dosage instructions and other comments directly to your patient in the form of an e-Script
  • Your patient will open, review, and pay for the products online on the Nutriscript platform and Nutrisearch will dispatch the product directly to the patient

Practitioners Only*
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*Access to Nutriscript and its contents is restricted to appropriately qualified practitioners only
**Access to Nutriscript is for Nutrisearch approved account holders only
*** Only available for New Zealand based Practitioners at this point

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