Part 1: Stress, Sleep and the Metabolism: A Genetic Approach to this Terrible Triad

Part 2: Gut Pathology MasterClass


Saturday 13th October   |   Novotel Airport Hotel   |   Auckland NZ

Nutrisearch invites you to be involved in this invigorating day of clinical education including:

  • Inspiring lectures, and
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Presentation of difficult case studies

We are delighted to have secured two internationally recognized integrative health researchers to spend a full day with our practitioner clients.





Dr Penny Kendall-Reed BSc, ND 

Penny Kendall-Reed is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from McGill University with a B.Sc. in Neurobiology, she earned a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, where she received the Dr. Allen Tyler Award for Most Outstanding Clinician.

In 2013 she was voted Naturopath of the Year by her peers and colleagues. Penny KendallReed is the co-author of 5 national bestselling books including The New Naturopathic Diet , Healing Arthritis, The No Crave Diet, The Complete Doctors Stress Solution and The Complete Doctor’s Back Bible. Penny Kendall-Reed travels throughout the world lecturing on neuro-endocrine and metabolic disorders, and more extensively on the intrepretation and treatment of single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPS.

She is one of 3 experts on the PURE Genomics website application helping to design and teach treatment platforms. She appears regularly on television, magazine and radio across Canada and the United States addressing various health issues. Penny KendallReed is an international medical consultant for Douglas Laboratories and Pure Encapsulations, creating product formulations and overseeing the neuro-metabolic department. She has also designed an all natural oral and topical anti-aging skin care line sold throughout Europe. Presently, Penny Kendall-Reed is the director of natural therapies at the Urban Wellness Clinic in Toronto.




Vanita Dahia B.Pharm, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip Western Herbal medicine, Dip Ayurveda, Adv Dip Clinical Nutrition (Mental Health) 

Vanita Dahia is an integrative medicine clinical consultant pharmacist, naturopath and clinical nutritionist. She is a board certified fellow in anti-ageing and regenerative medicine providing clinical training programs and educational initiatives to doctors and allied health practitioners; a functional pathology clinical consultant; health services manager and international speaker.

Vanita is a medical authority and extraordinary mentor to her peers and patients alike. As a presenter to her peers and community at large, she is engaging and insightful, making learning a dynamic experience for professional and personal growth.

She has more than 30 years’ expertise in compounding pharmacy, functional pathology, herbal, ayurvedic and integrative medicine. Vanita received her training in anti-aging medicine through association and membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M and A5M) and Professional compounding Centres of America and Australia (PCCA). Vanita is an author of Alchemy of the Mind and Alchemy of Amino Acids


This is a rare opportunity to learn valuable protocols from a combined 35+ years of clinical practice and research through two very special clinicians. We look forward to receiving your registration for this event.


Seminar Structure

PART 1: Stress, Sleep and Metabolism: A genetic approach to the “terrible triad”.

• HPA dysfunction is a major factor in metabolic dysfunction, obesity and insomnia. It is also the main cause of variant gene expression.

• Genetic analysis indicates an individual’s specific susceptibility to these adverse health conditions. It highlights the clinical importance of altering gene expression to treat the “terrible triad”. READ MORE



PART 2: Gut Pathology MasterClass

• Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM)

• Functional Diagnostics for the GUT

• Intelligently designed for advanced assessment of the microbiome. READ MORE







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Auckland Full Day Conference (For Healthcare Professional only)

Saturday 13th October 2018 - Novotel Hotel - Auckland International Airport

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