Integra Nutritionals NZ Seminar Series

Four evening seminars:
Auckland  -  Wellington  -  Nelson  -  Christchurch

New ''Gemmune'' Protocol! Learn about the ImmunoBiotic concept!
Dr. Houghton will be Introducing the Science & Research behind the new ''Gemmune'' Protocol


Gut Ecology Metabolic Modulation

  • New understanding of how the immune system deals with Infection, Inflammation, Allergy and Autoimmunity
  • The new concept of the ''ImmunoBiotic'' , which is not a probiotic, not a prebiotic, nor a herb or other plant extract
  • Learn about the microbe derived signalling molecule based on new Japanese research
  • A compound that enhances weakened immune defences to deal with bacterial and viral infection whilst at the same time down regulating the allergy response. This opens up a new understanding of how humans deal with Infection & Allergy
  • Added to this discussion is the role of the gut epithelium modulating conditions such as Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Type 2 diabetes, and many others
  • Cell Logic's focus has always been on healthy cellular function, so it makes sense that the focus on the cells that line the gut, specifically the epithelial cells, was the next step to complete the scientific and clinical picture
  • Glutamine is of limited long term use for the large intestine, we need a different approach.
  • The new approach is actually very simple, very effective and generates multiple other beneficial responses & simply just makes sense
  • G.E.M.M protocol for the first time links what we know about the microbiome with what we already know about optimising function of human cellular function. G.E.M.M takes the implementation of this peer group reviewed research to another practical clinical level 

At the seminar you will learn about the G.E.M.M protocol

''Gut Ecology Metabolic Modulation''

All Integrative practitioners will want to get a deep understanding of this new very relevant combined Gut Health & Cellular Science approach.




Dr. Christine Houghton

PhD, B.Sc.(Biochem.), Grad.Dip.Hum.Nutr., R.Nutr.

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Robert Thomas ND 

Naturopath and Nutrigenomic Clinician

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Seminar Locations & Dates:

Novotel Airport Hotel
Friday 7th September (Pre NMHNZ weekend conference)
6:15pm - 9:15pm

Museum Hotel
Monday 10th September
6:15pm - 9:15pm

Rutherford Hotel
Tuesday 11th September
6:15pm - 9:15pm

Chateau on the Park
Wednesday 12th September
6:15pm - 9:15pm


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