The Power of Integrated Pathology Testing






The Power of Integrated Pathology Testing

Vanita Dahia

Nutrisearch will be providing a full day of education around integrative pathology testing. 

This interactive day of education includes:

  • Review a range of specific Functional Pathology tests in detail, including: Adrenal Stress Profile, Candida Antibodies, Cardiovascular, Digestive Stool, Thyroid, Neurotransmitters, Fem 28 day cycle, Fem Hormone, Male Hormone, Food Allergy, Hair Mineral, Iodine, Krytopyrroles, Liposcreen LDL subtractions & more
  • Presentation of difficult cases by our practitioner attendees
  • Discussions around potential treatment plans for different test result scenarios
  • How to ensure an appropriate monitoring plan is put in place
  • Q & A sessions throughout the day



You will leave this day with a deeper understanding of integrative pathology testing and gain the knowledge to incorporate patients results into a much more effective treatment and monitoring plan.

Vanita Dahia

B.Pharm, Fellow in Anti ageing and Regenerative medicine, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip Western Herbal medicine, Dip Ayurveda, Adv Dip Clinical Nutrition (Mental Health)

Nutrisearch has developed a very close partnership with Vanita Dahia via Nutripath Melbourne.

Nutrisearch Practitioners have asked that we organise a full day educational event to access Vanita’s deep understanding of Integrative Pathology and the implementation of practical and effective treatment plans.

Vanita Dahia plays a key role in the clinical training programs and educational initiatives to offer the most advanced clinical tools available to prevent and treat the underlying causes of disease. She provides expert technical training and clinical support to assist practitioners in choosing the most appropriate test profiles, interpreting test results, and offering guidance on treatment approaches.

Vanita presents internationally on various topics in Integrative medicine and functional/integrative pathology, and teaches anti aging medicine with Australasian Academy of Anti-ageing medicine.
Vanita has 30 plus years of experience and qualifications in Pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Mental Health, and Anti Ageing Medicine.


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This will be a very powerful day, not to be missed.

Seminar Investment: $99 + GST
New Year Early Bird $79.95 + GST (If booked by Friday 23rd January 2015)
Super Extra Early Bird $69.95 + GST (If booked by Friday 20th December 2014)

This includes morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch.
Limited places, so please book early.

Email: Free phone: 0800 88 44 33
Note: This event is exclusively for practitioners


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