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Natural Therapies for Acute & Chronic Conditions

Thursday 23rd August  |  9:00am - 10:30am NZT


MANY conditions seen by practitioners today are not very responsive to allopathic treatments. Therefore, practitioners really need some more tools in their toolbox to help the non-responders.  Herbal therapies have been used successfully by indigenous people for many centuries to help those suffering from both acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Cowden will share his experience using herbs and other natural, non-invasive therapies, including how to use infrared light-emitting diodes to increase the effectiveness of herbal therapies. He will discuss several of his favorite herbal and other natural therapies. He will discuss how the herbs work, why many of those he uses are unique and what conditions are most helped with these therapies.

What you will learn:

  • What makes these products unique
  • How do they work?
  • What are the major applications outside of Lyme's - which common ailments are readily treated with these products

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Presented by Dr. Lee Cowden   MD, MD(H)

Dr. Lee Cowden is a USA board-certified cardiologist and internist who is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative medicine. He has co-authored many books and articles on integrative medicine and has pioneered successful treatments of cancer, autism, Lyme disease and many other illnesses.

Cardiology/Internal Medicine/Integrative Medicine private practice from 1984 through 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri and from 1988 to present in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Medical Education
University of Texas Medical School, Houston, Texas – M.D. 1975-1978
Internal Medicine Residency (St. Louis University Hospital) –1978-1981
Cardiology & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship (St. John’s Mercy Medical Center and St. Louis University Hospital) – 1981-1984


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