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"I have learned a lot about adrenal fatigue from Dr. Wilson, and now have a
different aspect of looking at my clients conditions in this stressful
world. I see a lot of people out there who need adrenal help, and whatever
conditions they have, I can usually see some connection between their under
functioning adrenal glands, stress, and their clinical presentations."
- Natsume Lines, Naturopath, Auckland

"Dr. Wilson's Super Adrenal Stress Formula astonishes me by the way it
rockets off the shelf and seems to be superior to any other formulae of its
- Marianne Stobie, Naturopath, Auckland

"We love your products and have seen some cool results."
- Dr. Kamai Merai, Chiropractor, Auckland

"Dr. Wilson's Original Formulations products have been excellent and I have
been having some great successes in the clinic with his Adrenal Fatigue
- Dr. Steve Joe, Medical Doctor, Hamilton

“The Metabolic Rejuvenation program is without a doubt, the best detox program I have ever tried. Over the past 40 years I have tried many detoxification programs. From the age of 18 when I went vegetarian right through to the many and varied detoxification rituals too numerous to list. The Douglas Laboratories Metabolic Rejuvenation program iswithout a doubt, the best detoxification program I have ever tried”.

- Dr Peter Richard Pedersen DC DO NTMD CIM CDN

(Dr. Pedersen is a graduate of the Sydney College of Chiropractic and the Sydney College of Osteopathy.  He is a certified practicing member of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA).

''I just wanted to drop you a line & let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar held by Dr Wilson last Monday night. I had been concerned that having attended last year there would be a large amount of repetition, however I got so much out of it as new material was presented. One of the aspects of Dr Wilson's seminars I really appreciate is that his advice & protocols are able to be applied immediately.'' - M.S Practitioner

Thank you for a most informative evening last night and I look forward to having your lecture notes or slides or what ever you have available! M.L  Practitioner

Dear Nutrisearch,
I would like to tell you about the success I have had with one of my clients and Dr. Wilson's Future Formulations.
This is a 34 year old woman with a history of allergies, IBS, uncomfortable bloating where her abdomen was hard and sore with severe wind pain. Her bowels were not moving regularly. She was continually getting sinus headaches. She was stressed and experiencing symptoms of anxiety
In the first eight weeks we successfully settled her gut and the accompanying symptoms though it was easily set off if things got too stressful. She came off the all prescriptions. Around this time I attended Dr. Wilson's seminar and learned about the adrenal quartet. I prescribed this for my client at her next appointment and she has been taking these for some months since. Her job is enjoyable and extremely busy, the stress levels have increased lately and we have increased her dose of the adrenal formulations to the moderate dose to help her manage these. She is a very different person, relaxed, open, smiling. She feels great - her allergies have decreased considerably and are no longer plaguing her as they were when she first came to see me, her gut has settled and she no longer experiences the bloating and tenderness, the headaches have gone and she is able to plan and act rather than react with her busy job and the staff she manages. With seeing the results she was getting, her compliance improved quickly as did her overall health and vitality.
I am absolutely delighted with the results I am getting with my patients using the Future Formulations adrenal products. I take these myself and I feel the difference within. I notice that my thinking is clearer and that things do not bother me as they once did. We recently lost a dear family member after a prolonged illness and I found that I was well able to cope with the stress of supporting her through her illness, travelling overseas and arranging her funeral and dealing with my other distressed family members.
I do recommend these products to other practitioners as being a complete package for restoring that foundation to health and well being that starts in the adrenals.
Kind & Healthy Regards
- Cush Reid – Naturopath Wellington New Zealand

"I regularly prescribe Dr. Wilson's Adrenal formula, Naturopath's Own and Douglas Laboratories products and continue to be pleased by the results I am seeing in clients.
Opportunities for extensive ongoing professional education enable confident and well-supported clinical practice and this has helped me to grow as a practitioner."
- Heidi Marriott, Health in Harmony, Highland Park, Auckland BNatMed, MNZAMH Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

"I have been prescribing Dr. Wilson adrenal support products for as long as I can remember and have attended every one of his New Zealand practitioner training courses.
There are more adrenal support products on the market than ever and I have endeavored to try them all. Most are cheaper and many make heady claims. However, when it comes to the crunch, in the form of the relieving of adrenal gland related symptoms, including adrenal fatigue, I have alway gravitated back to Dr. Wilson's products. The fact is that they work very well when patiently and expertly dispensed.
Dr. Wilson's products are the Gold Standard of adrenal support."
- Gary - Functional Nutrition Consultant , New Zealand

"I have been recommending Dr Wilson’s Adrenal supplements in my practice for four years now, with extremely good results. These products form one of the key foundations I turn to in my practice. With the high pressure, fast-paced lifestyles of today, many of my clients (children, teens and adults) after just three months with good compliance report significant improvement in their overall wellbeing: improved energy, increased libido, reduced anxiety, better sleep, clearer skin and the list goes on. This is an essential tool kit for clients and anyone recommending natural health options."
- Dr Kathleen, Integrative Medicine Specialist, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

“Dr. Wilson’s information and products changed my life and the lives of my patients. I’m a multi-disciplined clinician that struggled with my own health journey for ~30 years. When I learned about adrenal fatigue, it all finally made sense, particularly when I scored “severe” on Dr. Wilson’s online test. Once I started using Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue formulas and incorporating his recommendations, my energy levels finally started to stabilise. I realised that many of my patients also suffered from adrenal fatigue and Dr. Wilson’s products play a vital component of the lifestyle changes patients need to recover from adrenal fatigue.”
-Dr. Sam Shay
Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Functional Neurologist, Fitgenes Practitioner-Author of the ebook: “Ending Adrenal Fatigue: Easy Breakfast Guide”-Creator of the online course: “Reclaim your Energy: End Adrenal Fatigue”– –


Fitgenes Genetic Testing

I recently had a followup consultation with a client who had a Health and wellbeing profile and a carb choice done in October last year. This client has been with me for over 10 years and over the years has taken various supplements and we have looked at diet and lifestyle choices. He has also had a number of Functional medicine tests as well.

I have to say this client has made more gains in his health over the last 4 months than over those years.

There are a number of reasons

We have been able to target exactly what he needs at a level never before possible

Although he had presented with many inflammatory symptoms for example, the degree of his markers and the red dots in the VDR meant we were never be able to get the results we are now achieving with this added key information.

The Health and wellbeing profile highlighted a number of areas which we a systematically working through.

Also as we went through his profile he related to so much of what was there it helped him understand why he had the various health issues he had. More than ever before he is completely on board with the treatment protocols because he understands so much more about his body. The best thing is when clients understand that your genes need not be your destiny .

He was completely blown away by the genetic profiles and repeatedly tells me this was the best decision he has made for his health ever. He is feeling the best he has felt in years .

This gentleman is 68 years old.

Annette Charles


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